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I’m Tang Cheuk Hei, also known as siunam (小南), a 21-year-old guy from Hong Kong who has a lot of passion and hunger for cybersecurity. Below is my timeline of my ethical hacking journey:

From 2010 to 2021, I’m just a person who plays video games for around 16 hours every day. During that time period, I also self-taught video game level design in CS:GO, 3D modeling, reading programming codes (Not writing codes) and more. In mid-2021, I started to plan my future, like what career path I should take.

In around mid January 2022, I was randomly watching YouTube videos, and suddenly I saw NetworkChuck’s video talking about password cracking. By watching his video, it catches my eye balls. I was fascinated in ethical hacking and tried to follow his tutorials to build a virtual environment, installing Kali Linux, cracking passwords with HashCat. And this is how my ethical hacking journey starts!

Started on 12nd March 2022, I started to learn ethical hacking much deeper, and registered a TryHackMe account and learning all the fundamentals from scratch, and constantly writing CTF writeups, taking part in CTF competitions, and so on.



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