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31 March 2023

I wrote an interactive phishing lab website!

In my Higher Diploma in Cybersecurity at Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), there is a curriculum called “Whole Person Development - Collaboration, Teamwork & Social Engagement” (SDD4006), which requires student to conduct a group project aimed at “How young people can learn from cyberattacks and develop good practices in cybersecurity.” by achieving one of the United Nations (UN)’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). After some discussions with group members, we decided to build a website that teaches people about phishing attacks through an interactive lab.[…]

Tags: Phishing, lab

31 Augest 2022

OSCP First Attempt Failled

Around May 27 2022, I bought the PWK and OSCP exam ($1,499), and started the PWK course at Jun 6 2022. You may be surprised why I chose OSCP after learning ethical hacking for just 2 months. The reason why for that is I wanna learn more stuff about cybersecurity, so I googled “Certificate for cybersecurity”, and I saw a couple of well-known certificates, such as OSCP, PNPT, CEH, etc.[…]

Tags: OSCP, certicicate